RJ Blue Bird

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There has a country  live a young man. Handsome, dashing but very short temper. 8 am. Ring the alarm his smart phone. Wake up the guy. oh! I forget the mension his name.  His name is Gladiolus. Wash his face & , brush his teeth . prepare to go to office. He is wearing mid night navy blue color shirt, dark ash color formal pant, black belt & black shoe. Not forget wear his favorate omega brand watch. Reach correct time in his office & said an employee, bring new presentation for project file. Oh, boss is shouting always. He open the file……read it……find a mistake then….. [email protected]??!!! After all he is short temper crazy man. He pass his time in gym or boxing practice or alone drinking coffe in coffee shop.

One day he meets with his RJ friend Shaggy Roger in gym.

Gladiolus: hey, what’s up?

Roger: hey dude, how’s going on?

Gladiolus:  very simple.

Roger: hey do you remember, in high school life you wanna radio host?

Gladiolus: hnm. How stupid I was. (smiling)

Roger :  Do me a favor. Do you wanna doing my RJ programe for 15 days in 2 hour?

Gladiolus:  Not bad idea. Why don’t you offer this to other  your collegue?

Roger: they are busy. Your voice is too nice, you r intelligent & I think you are my friend thus why I offer it to you

Gladiolus: ok. Done.

Roger: ok. Are you come for training for tomorrow?

Gladiolus: sure. But I will use a call sign?

Roger: what?

Gladiolus: thinking……he saw a blue color bird a poster….RJ Blue Bird. Smiling.

( 3 days later, Day 1)

Gladiolus sits on RJ panel. Now starting live. Hello listeners. I am RJ blue bird. Send me msg to 999999 number include ur name, location with your talk. He got more messages. Good, bad, flirt, call name etc. but that arrogant guy read all messages & also quarrel with listeners.

On the other side, that country has live very simple girl. She tune the radio. Uff…..he play songs depend on his choice. If anyone send him request he said, no. she send her message a song request. He said “I said, NO. “

(Next Day)

Gladiolus going on way to Radio office at afternoon. His car pushes other car. There has no damaged or injured each other. After that, Mr. Gladiolus quarrels with that guy.  Girl send him message are u ok?  TOMER VOICE TA KAMON JENO SUNACCHE? He (keshe replied) now it’s ok.   Her name is Evana. He doesn’t know why he is feeling charming into her messages.

( Days are going on…..)

Both are going good friends. Evana message to him why are you not playing soft songs?  Blue bird said, sure I do. Slowly he gonna soft sometime if anyone tease him he just UCHIT JOBAB DIE THAKE. Days going on they are feel good bonding.  Evana write, “RONGDHONUR RONG GULO ZEMON SUNDOR, BRISTIR RIMJHIM SOBDHO ZEMON SUNDOR, SONDHA AKASER SUKTARA ZEMON SUNDOR THIK TEMON HASHIR JHONKAR TA TEMON SUNDOR. As like charming smile. ER POR said thank you BOLE HASIR JHONKAR TA AMON VABE MICROPHONE PORLO JENO spring soft rain. Evana request him her favorate song young & beautiful by lana del rey he played it.

( Day 11)

Evana message to RJ blue bird. He read it nice weather, wish you lots of gla……( he ATKE UTHLO! AMR NAME! JANE NAKI!!! )KOEK SECOND POR NORMAL VABE BOLLO gladiolus flower er suveccha roilo. Play a song love me like you do from soundtrack 52 shades of grey. Ok done.

(Day 12)

Evana send him messages. I m having coffee, would like to go coffee with me? Hn….m sure. Then he smiling


Evana send him card with varieties flower bouquet at radio office. He open . wrote PLZ, REQUEST FELO NA. AMI TMR SATHE 2 DAY POR I MEAN TMR RADIO OFFICE PASE AMI COFFEE SHOP WAIT KORBO. AMI SOFT PINK COLOR  TOP R BLUE JEANS PORBO. TABLE E THAKBE COLD COFFEE R TABLE E 4TA RED FLOWER. I m waiting for you.  Gladiolus thinking he should go or not. Otherside , evana thinking will he come or not?

(Day 15)

After ending his show, he go to coffee shop. Feeling tensed. Suddenly watch a girl who describes her outfit. Coldcoffee, 4 red flowers. KHUB CHENA CHENA LAGCHE….KOTHAI JENO DEKHECHI TAKE. That mean she is evena. Slowly  he stand near her table. Evana rive…..he is dashing but not feeling proud. Sky blue shirt, deep blue denim jeans. His hair style so attractive.  CHOKHE CHOKH MELE TAKIE CHILO DU JON DU JONER DIKE.

Evana : hi. I am evana

Gladiolus: hi, I m gladiolus. Smiling. Softly said, I m RJ blue bird.